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“I want to be part of CRyouth because seeing people with cancer is hard. My mom had cancer and I really wanted to help her as much as I could. CRyouth gives me an opportunity to help others like I helped my mom.”


“The reason why I want to be in CRyouth is because it helps raise money for people with life threatening illness. I love praying for other people and being there for them. Cancer has affected my life because one grandma had breast cancer, another had colon cancer,  and my cousin at the age of 2 had leukemia. Luckily all my family members are survivors.”

– Annalisa 

“I love being part of CRyouth because I love that all these people want to help other people in need. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Pesic, had breast cancer while I was in her class. This experience made me more aware of what I can do to help others in need.”

– Addison

“I am really enthusiastic about CRyouth because so many helpless children need to be comforted because many of them don’t have friends because of cancer and are downcast. My personal connection is that my teacher and grandpa were very harshly effected by cancer.”

– Kyle

“CRyouth is a great group, very welcoming. I feel as if we all have been together for a long, long time.” 

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