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Your world comes to a screeching halt when you or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness. The present moment might feel like a bad dream you cannot wake up from; the future holds so much uncertainty.

A chronic or terminal illness can have a major effect on your relationships and on the entire family. When you are facing a serious diagnosis, you need support. Your loved ones might also need support.

That’s where counseling can help….

Meet Kim

I offer warm, empathic, and genuine support for individuals, couples, and families going through difficult times. Sessions focus on expressing your feelings and dealing with the concerns that are impacting your quality of life and your well-being.
Together, we will develop goals that align with your beliefs and values to help you start to feel better and improve your relationship with yourself and others. I work hard to help each person feel safe, heard, supported, and accepted in the therapeutic relationship.
My approach to counseling involves identifying your strengths and areas of resiliency. I believe that every trial in life is an opportunity for growth, meaning, and purpose. Our work together can help you discover what opportunities are waiting for you.
I also have a passion for working with individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief is so much more than the “5 Stages” that we are all familiar with. Grief is a process by which every possible emotion is experienced…and it does not occur in distinct stages. Counseling can help you find your way through those emotions and into a place of healing.

Counseling provided by:
Kimberly B. Virrueta, M.S., AMFT, APCC
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
(Registration No. AMFT126957)
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
(Registration No. APCC9998)
Employed by Institute of Advanced Studies
Supervised by Dr. Burton Winer, LMFT

Counseling Services

I offer counseling to individuals aged 7 to 97 as well as couples counseling and family therapy. I use the following therapy modalities in counseling sessions (where appropriate):

Sorry, we do not accept insurance for counseling services. Fees are based on a sliding scale that is affordable for most income levels.

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